Google Analytics 101 – for Non-Techies!

“How can I use Google Analytics to boost my business?”

I’ve heard that question a lot, in many different forms. If you struggle with Google Analytics on your blog or business site, or if you know you could get more out of it, you’re not alone! Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it can be hard to master.

It doesn’t have to be a mystical art, though! When I started The Spare Room Project (now Scintilla Studio) in February 2015, I had never used Google Analytics before. Since then, as Scintilla Studio and The Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B. have grown, I’ve been able to harness powerful GA tools to improve my site and business. And I want YOU to be able to take the reins of these tools too!

Because I had to learn Google Analytics from the ground up too, I want to save you the stress and headache of trying to conquer Google Analytics from scratch. I’ve put together the resources you’ll need to use Google Analytics for what YOU need it for, not what Google thinks you need. In this introductory course, I will show you how to set up Google Analytics, as well as cover the basics of what Google Analytics can do.

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